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by Dr Keith

The Sunshine Coast Lip Augmentation service.

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Full, shapely lips are a feature of youth and beauty. The lips (and eyes) are often the first features noticed on meeting someone new. A full, hydrated lip may impart a sexy, healthy, alluring look whereas thin, dry lips may suggest fragility and mature age.

Lip Augmentation by Dr Keith is the injection of a safe dermal filler into the lip to increase its size or change its shape. It is becoming very popular with people in their 20-30s to enhance beauty. It is also used in older people to restore the size and shape lost with age.

Lip Age changes

Our lips reach their natural fullness in our teens. As we age there is a gradual loss of volume. Factors such as smoking, gravity and UV exposure hastens the deterioration.

In our 20s & 30s the changes may not be that noticeable. By our 40s and 50s the red lip becomes thinner with less red colour visible. The upper white lip becomes longer with less projection. The  Cupid’s bow and philtral ridges become flattened. The lip borders become less defined and may become wrinkly. The corners of the mouth start to turn down. Lines may start to appear radiating out from the mouth (called smoker’s lines).  The nasolabial and marionette lines become deeper.

Luckily the above changes can all be improved with lip augmentation.

Lines around mouth and lips


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